How Should One Make One's Speech Convincing: 5 Questions About Your Audience

It's not important what you will say – it's important what they will hear. This is very actual for freelancers, startuppers, speakers of the conferences and sales managers. In this article I'll give you a simple algorithm that helps all these people to solve their problems with the help of precisely addressed speech.

What is the Key Message Matrix?

It is a convenient way of deep analyses of your audience, its interests and possibilities, pains and favorite themes.

What for should you deeply analyze the listeners' interests and pains? Because they will forget everything that will not satisfy their interests or touch pains.

Why is it important for us to make them remember something?
Because any speech solves the definite problem and leads the audience to a concrete action, if we competently direct the communication. If our opponents in the talks or the audience of the conference nodded, applauded and threw you away from the memory at once – no wonder happened.How to make the main thought of the speech more concrete and connect it with the purpose action, I shall tell you in the following articles.

To analyze your audience check other useful instruments out here.

Key Message Matrix: Five questions

Use five questions to fill in the matrix and define the key messages of your speech.
Key Message Matrix by BEsmart team

1. Who are all these people for whom we perform?

Mind the fact, that most often you communicate with the representatives of several groups simultaneously; e.g., targetologs, owners of digital agencies, bloggers and advertisers.

2. What is important for them? Why are they here, at this conference or meeting?

This question may be very resourceful. Be realists when looking for the answer, but don't stop on the surface. If it seems to you that they came to the conference just because of the directive of their leader, think why they are so skeptical, what content will become a pleasant surprise for them. I'll tell you later how to get to the essence with the method of marginal meaning.

3. What must they do after our performance?

In this column not a pathetic slogan must appear, but a concrete step to satisfy the audience's interests. E.g., you want all these people to download TikTok and press the buttons there. Or leave their email addresses there. Or discuss perspectives of new promotion channels with clients, so that you could discuss these channels substantively.

4. What must they remember for that?

Believe: the audience will forget 99% of everything that will occur at this conference. It's necessary to formulate the precise key message that clearly leads the audience to the key action. It's very important for this message to work for personal interests and pains of the audience from the second column.

That's why it's important to start with the main idea and then formulate argumentation. Structure is a must. Read here about clear and convincing structure.

5. What will help us to bring this message?

Think, in what form your key message will be most convincing, native and useful. Study the digital mark of your audience – media,read by these people, posts, that they do themselves and share.
Someone will prefer an emotional story as the best firm, someone will prefer a diagram or a schedule, someone – the detailed case.
The obvious form of communication for you is not always the most interesting and understandable for your audience.

Are you afraid that the audience will not get your main ideas in speech? Or all the people leave your presentation before the end?

We know how to make your speech logic, memorable and interesting! We are ready to help you!
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