Enhance your teamwork and communications

Corporate training at BEsmart

We make communication efficient

We'll carry out the audit and come up with a solution to your specific problem. We'll design a training program, prepare self-study content, and advise the top management.

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Uh oh, the conference is in a week!
How do we enhance communication among a distributed team?
How do we improve our conversion rate after client presentations?
Our demos are such a waste of precious time
Our team's productivity
declines when we don't interact
сlient presentations
public speaking
team work
creative methodology

We work with teams all over the world

Training teams in person and online

We design and carry out training programs on communication, public speaking, teamwork, sales, support, and more.

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We change habits

We are focused on improving the existing modus operandi and practising new skills in the workplace.

Courses people enjoy

We make corporate learning engaging, with good involvement and high success rates.

All-inclusive product

We audit, set goals, choose formats, as well as prepare materials, organise the schedule, collect feedback, and track progress.

Visible results

Training is reflected in the employees' results, their communication, mood, and loyalty.
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Content for the LMS

Content that will help make efficient communication part of corporate culture – custom-tailored knowledge databases and manuals.
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Face-to-face tuition

We'll help prepare you for an important public talk or negotiations, build a personal brand or even just make communication with your team easier.
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BEsmart Team

We know firsthand what a distributed international team looks like
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communication trainer
managing partner
Tamara Kobozeva, education specialist
Gregory Balon managing partner BEsmart
Madi Shahrur, partner besmart
Evgeny Akulov, communication trainer

Tamara Kobozeva

Madi Shahrur

Evgeny Akulov

Gregory Balon

If you're a non‑profit or you supervise non‑profit projects, mention it in your request. We're open to discuss non‑commercial collaboration.

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