4 Inspiring Speeches at TED

4 inspiring speeches at TED about the care of oneself and overcoming society setups.
Not only interesting content, but also powerful references for speakers.

Kelly McGonnigal:
How to make stress your friend?

Kelly is a writer, doctor of philosophy, psychologist and professor of Stanford university.

In her speech she tells the audience, why it is useful to reexamine one's attitude to stress and how it may influence the man's health.

We advise you to pay attention to the interactive communication with the audience, that supports argumentation and does not allow the listeners to get bored – e.g., when the speaker asks the audience to take a stress-test with her and distributes roles: "Count aloud, beginning with 996...".

Shawn Achor:
The Happy Secret to Better Work

Shawn is a psychologist and speaker, the author of the book "The Happiness Advantage".

At TED he tells us, what really influences the effectiveness of our labor and he asks an important question: what is primary – work for a happy life or happy life for successful work?

We advise you to pay attention to storytelling and emotional presentation. In his speech the speaker tells us a story about his sister, who used the principles of positive psychology in her childhood – a girl, who fell from the bed and hurt herself, turned into a fairy creature: "Emmie, perhaps, you are a unicorn?".

Molly Kontrmin:
Life Isn’t Supposed to be Good… All the Time

Molly is a professor of the department of humanitarian development in the university of the state Pennsylvania.

In her speech she tells us about the role of emotions (including negative ones), and she also thinks about how to live the full life at ease with oneself.

We advise you to pay attention to the integration of her personal life story into speech. The speaker shares her not glossy experience of the hard period of her life with the readers, that finds a real response from the audience.

Speaking frankly to the listeners, she arouses empathy – sympathy and trust. "Before the pandemic I was in a state that can be called breakdown..."

Cameron Russell:
Looks aren't Everything. Believe Me, I'm a Model

Cameron Russel came to the industry of fashion at the age of 16, many years she took part in the big shows and worked with the top brands of underwear.

At TED she says honestly, that she won in the genetic lottery and arouses many problems in the sphere – from the social pressure to racial inequality.

We advise you to pay attention to the brave transformation, that the speaker experienced at the beginning of her performance. She changes her dress right on the stage and changes the image of a model to the image of an educated and cultured girl.

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