B2B-sale: preparation, presentation, a key meeting and work with the client's contradictions (Part 4/4)

You have already prepared for the meeting with an important client, collected wonderful presentation with accessible logic, that will not confuse the interlocutor, and you have taken the leading position at the key meeting.

In the article we shall tell you, how to react to the contradictions and the client's influence, how to react to the attempts to convince you to reduce prices.

Discuss and correct the details in the position win-win

Most likely the customer has already understood everything, but he wants to clarify many points, press you in prices, express his doubts.

The winning strategy, that will help to make the talks successful: to recollect, that you and the customer are on the same side and try to solve the problem and to find the optimum decision in the strategy win-win.
A bad version: clashing talks, when the motivation of mutual understanding and readiness for compromises reduces.

That's why it's important to stay in the position of a man, who is ready to hear the position of the interlocutor, and to correct the strategy accordingly.
It's important: you have no purpose to defend your offer by all means. You are an expert in your niche,the interlocutor – in his one. With the help of his evaluation you may create a product, that this company needs. Then the company will buy it.

Act rationally in answer to the pressure

Aggressive negotiators from the customer's side may press you strongly in the price, in the terms, demand changes and allowances. A convenient position in that case is to designate the interdependence of the complex of your offers. E.g., when all the details of creative strategy are connected, the change of one element will cause the change of the others. The change of the cost will lead to the reduction if the amount of work influences, e.g., regularity and etc.

Your evaluation must help all the interlocutors to understand these connections, how everything will change and why. The change of the cost in this case is possible, but not abrupt: you are open for discussing, priorities and alternatives. Show the client, that you offer a complex and thoroughly studied product.

Is it complicated to see and name all your unique advantages? We shall be glad to help you to introduce yourself and your product confidently and effectively. Leave your contact to discuss the details.

The checklist: how to prepare and conduct the meeting with the client at most

  1. At the preparation stage learn as much as possible about the participants of the meeting. Include questions about the previous work in your direction in the brief: what was good, what was bad?
  2. Build your presentation in the structure: real present – attractive future – how to achieve it. Show your readiness to implement your offer.
  3. At the meeting take the leading position and tune yourself to explain, but not to prove. Put counter questions, reveal your interlocutor's doubts and examine them. In the end – sum up.
  4. During the talks be on one side with the customer, as his evaluation will help you to make a transaction with him successfully. Act rationally in answer to the pressure: you are ready to flexibility, but the correction of the price will influence the amount of work, etc.

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