Anna Tkach, graphic and web designer

About my experience

Currently a middle graphic designer & junior web designer. I am developing sales presentations and educational materials. Now I am using my knowledge of graphics and presentation creation in web design.

Anna Tkach

presentation design by Anna Tkach


From a single presentation to the hole design system — I am building solutions with the focus on buiseness goals. My work is always based on a research: old presentations, employees interviews etc.

Templates, public performances, reading presentations

education materials by Anna Tkach


I am redesigning learning materials using data from studies about cognitive functions in the educational proccess.
I am good at splitiing information into logical bits, higlighting the most important and visualising data.

Video Tutorials presentations, guides, checklists, exercises

web design by Anna Tkach


I can assemble a prototype and build a landing page on Figma using components, styles, autolayouts etc.

I am also capable of building a Tilda web site.

WEB design

Other design by Anna Tkach


I can create illustrations and icons, retouch photos. And have a strong knowledge on design basics.

Simple illustrations, retouch and design basis

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$30 / first consultation

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