Gregory Balon

Become more confident in communication applying product approach

Gregory Balon, public speaking coach
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Companies I worked with

One-to-one coaching for teamleads, executives, founders and those who are going to become one

My company and I have prepared more than 1000 speakers for IT events and scientific conferences, pitches and important meetings
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Why to trust me?

besmart team owners
BEsmart team owners
BEsmart team owners
Gregory Balon, public speaking coach
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Gregory Balon, public speaking coach
And now I will be happy to make your ideas shine brighter!

I helped more than 100 professionals to enhance their communication

We started by helping scientists and entrepreneurs communicate complicated ideas to investors and general public
Seven years ago, my colleagues and I united around the idea: to develop communication culture in business
We began to create educational products to improve public speaking, negotiation, critical, and creative thinking skills
Big companies quickly appeared among our clients, since we revealed long-lived pains and communication barriers that existed within
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Get a Speech Preparation Guide that is helping dozens of people to get prepared for their presentations

Pitch Structuring Guide Template
3 steps to conquer your next speech:

  1. Analyze your goals and interests of your audience to find a perfect message for the presentation
  2. Build a concise structure that will deliver your idea clearly
  3. Add Storytelling to your speech structure to make it engaging and powerful

All you need is to answer the questions on each block from top-left corner to the lower right one. These will be your key blocks of the speech, its structure and also the slide sequence.


You can get guidance through

Learn how to facilitate project reports and negotiations

Important meeting

Ask the right questions about the customer
Back your ideas with rational proves
Build a harmonious and effective communication with mentees

Soft skills for leadership

Break down your cases and tasks, learn framing and facilitation methods
Resolve conflicts and justify changes in the company
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Use storytelling to make your performance engaging
Choose a structure and bring it to perfection

Public speech
& presentation

Analyze your audience and find the best key messages

audience analysis


negotiation techniques


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To be heard the way you want to be heard
To justify decisions, persuade and get favorable terms
To engage listeners and emotionally impact on them
To feel confident and manage any discussion in your favor

To achieve your communication goal we’re going to use

Steps we’re gonna take


considering the offer

set-up call to discuss the need and clarify details


assemble and approve the educational plan


conducting consultations

summarize, analyze the result, stay in touch


Book your first consultation to kick off your learning process!
Gregory Balon, public speaking coach
Gregory Balon
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